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King Callon Bryn Corey and Queen Babette Bryn Corey

King Callon Bryn Corey and Queen Babette Bryn Corey<Unto the Glorious Kingdom of Terre Neuve!

We would like to again thank the entire Kingdom for their efforts and hard work that brought us here today.

With every event we want to strive to stay true to "the dream". To create and maintain the air of pageantry and respect for each other that first attracted us to this game. To provide ourselves the outlet to display our creativity in the arts and chivalry in combat and archery.

As our purpose states: "We endeavor to enlighten our communities by providing a mechanism to explore the lifestyles and societies of the period of history commonly referred to as The Age of Chivalry."

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Welcome to the Kingdom of Terre Neuve!

The Kingdom of Terre Neuve is a chapter of the Adrian Empire, Inc in the geographic area of San Diego County South of Interstate 52 and all of Imperial County, CA, USA.

The Adrian Empire, Inc. is a non-profit, educational organization that re-creates history from the time frame of 793 to 1624 AD. This time frame covers what was known as the Middle Ages (Medieval) through the Renaissance period.

Every month we have many local events which include Live Steel / Ren fighting, Archery Tourneys and Arts and Sciences displays and competitions.

Additionally, we are an educational organization so we are often asked to participate in and run demonstrations at schools, fairs and The San Diego Comic Convention.

If you would like to learn more about our Kingdom or any of our upcoming events please feel free to contact the Hospitaler .

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Events for the next 90 days are listed below. Click the Event name to get more details about that months events.
2017 Terre Neuve Coronation FeastTerre Neuve04/22/17 TBD
May Crown Archery EventTerre Neuve05/06/17 TBD
Boy Scout Camp DemoTerre Neuve05/06/17 TBD
Kingdom Estates MeetingTerre Neuve05/13/17 TBD
May Crown TourneyTerre Neuve05/20/17 10:00 AM
June Crown Archery TourneyTerre Neuve06/03/17 10:00 AM
June Crown TourneyTerre Neuve06/17/17 10:00 AM
July Crown Make up TourneyTerre Neuve06/17/17
(Make-up from
10:00 AM
King Arthur Archery DemoTerre Neuve06/18/17 TBD
July Crown Archery EventTerre Neuve07/01/17 10:00 AM

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The latest issue: Sword and Quill - September, 2015.


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